day 74. the ides of march.

You know, I had a relatively good Ides of March this year. It was pretty slow, that’s for sure, but my life is moving pretty slowly right now. I’m fine with that – it’s about to get a lot quicker in about six months, fingers crossed, so taking it slow is good for me right now.

The only bad thing that happened to me today was that I forgot my laptop charger at my rent house when I was moving stuff out, and I had to go back and get it so I could charge my phone for the night. All four miles of the drive. I’d say that’s a pretty fantastic Ides of March, really. Et tu?

You know what I’m really excited about, though? March Madness is NOW. I need to redownload my app so I can keep up with it. I know what I’m doing Friday night – Kansas v BU. While crafting and/or making graduation announcements. While dogsitting Desmond for the weekend. I know how jealous you are right now. But seriously, how great is it going to be? Exactly.

I don’t have a lot to say tonight. I did a lot of working, and then a lot of moving, and then Rebekah and James and Desmond helped me do some moving, and Desmond scared Phoebe to death. She isn’t very good with other dogs, especially giant other dogs. She was kind of mean to him. Luckily, he’s a big goofball and just ran around the yard like nothing was wrong.

I know this isn’t the kind of post that really invites commentary, and I apologize for that. I’m just tired.

I did have a good day, though. I hope you did, too.


One thought on “day 74. the ides of march.

  1. Phoebe was NOT happy.

    I forgot to tell you the story of the cat at the vet. There was a cat lying on a waiting room chair at the vet and Desmond didn’t notice it for the first couple of minutes we were in there. When he noticed it, he JUMPED BACKWARDS and hunkered down. It was so cute and sad. He walked a couple of steps towards the cat, which was staring, and did the same thing again.

    On the way out, he decided to be brave and exchange words. It was a sound akin to when Simba tries to roar like Mufasa in The Lion King- pathetic and adorable. The cat did a cat growl at him and Desmond was hopping and skidding all over the tile floor until we left.

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