day 72, an inspiring start to spring break (no, not really).

I’ve been having really strange dreams lately. Extremely vivid, extremely relevant dreams. Dreams that so pinpoint things I’m worried about, or have worried about in real life, that I wonder if the other main person or two have had the same dream and we might have actually had these conversations in dream life. That would be nice, considering the people who’ve been in them.

Then again, that’s why it’s a dream, I guess.

But I just took a Sunday afternoon nap and I had another bizarro dream. I decided to fly back to KS with my cousin, and when we got on the plane, the pilot announced it was going to be a different, kind of experimental flight. We were going to have a small takeoff, and a few seconds later, hit another hill and zoom off on that one and really be off. I was concerned, obviously.

Well, we managed to get in the air, and then we were swerving a lot, and I just knew we were going to crash. Well, we did. The next thing I really remember is all of the passengers just sitting on a rock face, looking at the highway next to us. Everyone was fine, and the plane was nose-first in the ground. I have no idea how everyone was fine. It was a dream, that’s why.

I got my phone out – but it wasn’t my iPhone, it was the very first cell phone I ever had, a giant old gray Motorola – and called 911 to report it, because everyone looked fine but like no one had called anyone. 911 said that since no one appeared to be hurt, they weren’t coming (emergency help refusing to respond to my calls tends to be a common thread in my dreams, as it turns out). I cried because I was so frustrated and I didn’t know what to do, and then my dad drove up. He said that the reason we had crashed was that the pilot was trying to prevent an old OC president from having his title taken away, because of a recently-uncovered scandal, by taking a picture from the air of something he had done in his time in office. And that made me really mad, so I threw my phone on the ground.

And then I woke up.

So that was my afternoon dream. I told you, I have really weird dreams. That one wasn’t as relevant as the rest of them have been. But it was still weird.

It was kind of a boring day. Rainy days are always boring days. Do you have any tips for how to make rainy days not boring? I guess I could have spent more time crafting instead of sleeping. That probably would have been a better use of my time. I’m sure Kitty will agree – she posted a picture on FB of all her stuff to mail for her Etsy orders. It inspired me to get on that – not enough to actually do something about it today, but whatever.

I went over to Rebekah and James’ tonight, and we ate dinner and watched Grease (Rockin’ Rydell edition, obviously). Very fun! We were all very tired by the time the night was over, so I came home early. It’s only 11:15 and I’m already about to pass out. Being grown up is weird and tiring, but so far I like it. I don’t even feel like I’m in school anymore. I seriously have to catch myself every time I try to say that I’ve already graduated. I feel so disconnected, even though I do reading and studying almost every night. It’s just the lack of tangible campus connection, I think. So close –

I just counted and it’s exactly 47 days until I graduate. DONE WITH COLLEGE. That’s so inspiring. I can’t wait!

Here’s my plan for this week:

  • Monday: Move things from house to house, work 12-6:30, do more moving.
  • Tuesday: Finish moving (I’m optimistic, aren’t I?), work 11-6:30
  • Wednesday: Work 9:30-6:30, make graduation announcements
  • Thursday: Work 9:30-6:30, homework/craft night!
  • Friday: Work 9:30-6:30, crafting/Desmond sitting.
  • Saturday: Catch up on homework, craft, spend all day with Desmond.

And that’s how I intend to spend my spring break. I know, it’s a thrilling schedule. Very wild. But that’s what happens when half your employees go on spring break out of town and you’re able to work full-time (!!!!). Don’t get me wrong – I’m still thrilled to death about it. It just puts a mild cramp in my craft time for this week. Judge me.

If you aren’t making me wildly jealous by being out of town, what are you doing for this week? Are you a break worker, too? Are you crafting? Share, share!