day 64. spring is singing on thirteen/thirty.

I’m sorry I couldn’t make this post last night. I got home from Spring Sing at approximately midnight – yes, we were literally the last people there, and we weren’t even in the show – and I just couldn’t handle it. I usually shower and am in bed by 11:30 at the latest these days. I know, right? What is this person I’ve become?

I did have a really good time last night, though. I saw a lot of people, and I saw a lot of other people again. I’m thrilled to death that Gamma got second place – congratulations everyone in the show 🙂 It was very cute, a lot higher energy, and it looks like going first turned out to be a great thing, setting a pretty high standard for everyone who had to go after you.

So here’s an exact rundown of the night in picture form. This is my Gamma sister (and also friend and fellow English major) Cady in her adorable Minnie Mouse costume. It just really means more when you make your own costumes, don’t you think? Let’s hear it for the bow, yes?

Dress: Charlotte Russe; Cardi: Francesca’s; Belt: Francesca’s; Tights: Target; Boots: Target; Pom-pom: LOFT

And then it was this!

No, wait, that doesn’t seem quite right. I’m pretty sure there were some shows in between these pictures.

And then I did this piece of photography magic. Seriously, I don’t know what the deal is. Apparently I’m incapable of taking a good picture with besties Kim and Josh (Chi Godzillas!)

Seriously, this is last year:

Seriously, though, what is the deal with my life? Whatever, everything is everything and it was all great.

I insisted on another picture, one where I’m actually smiling. So, hooray! I personally had a fantastic Spring Sing weekend – mostly because I wasn’t stressed about performing, I think – and I hope everyone else did, too. So proud of my sisters, and huge congratulations to Chi and Kappa, too. A trio of really, really excellent shows, all deserving of top spot. All three were fantastic, but extremely different, and things just fell the way they did. Everyone was great, and I’m incredibly proud of everyone who had a hand in anything.


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