day 52. three/thirty

It’s been a long day. It’s also been a very cold day, for having been 80 the past few days. It was about 40 all day. Brr! Warm weather, come back!

PS Day two/thirty is coming later tonight. I have to retake some pictures, because yesterday’s were just embarrassing. Wait for it. Also, wait for my picks post. Someday.

I did take my pictures in the OC library, though, in the carrels. I felt a little weird doing so, but I don’t think anyone saw me, so I feel like I escaped judgement on that one.

Cardi: J. Crew; Dress: Charlotte Russe; Belt: Francesca’s; Shoes: Target; Earrings: Francesca’s

I’m definitely still learning how to take my pictures. My options are either my laptop, self-taken iPhoto pictures, or getting a professional fashion photographer (aka my mom) to take them for me. I’m trying to minimize the laptop pictures because the quality is just so bad – so grainy. We’ll see, though. I like this first picture, except for the fact that I forgot the cardinal rule of pushing in my chair, so…there’s my coat!

I also found these super pretty books on the third floor. For as much time as I spend studying on the third floor, I rarely look at those books. I mean, these are all advanced chemistry tomes, I think, so…no thanks! They sure do make for pretty, vintage-y pictures, though.

I mean, they probably would if I weren’t holding it like I’m about to sing a hymn from it, right? Maybe next time.

Fun fact: For most of these pictures, I used the take-four option on Photo Booth, and on all but one of these, I couldn’t find the pose I liked until the last frame. Cute, I know. That’s what crop is for, right?

Closeup so you can see the actual colors. Also so I can look like my neck is broken. But hey, straight hair!

If you know me at all, you know that my favorite part of a DVD is the outtakes, the blooper reel. And no photo blog of mine would be complete without some of my own. At some point tonight, I thought this was a cute pose. What is my leg even doing? What is this?

I guess I thought it would be really cute to do a “heavy books are heavy!” take, but…that’s not exactly how it turned out. I did get a good laugh out of these pictures, though, so hopefully you will, too. If not, then I guess I’m just humiliating myself on the Internet. Whatever. That’s nothing new.

Fun Fact No. 2: I never realized how much I absentmindedly pick at my cuticles until I watched Black Swan. NEVER AGAIN! Bad habits: resolved by terror. (I know, that was a pretty gross fact. Sorry I’m not sorry.)

I hope you have a blessed night!

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  1. You are ridiculous and wonderful. I can’t believe you took pictures of yourself in the library on the 3rd floor. Seeing this makes me regret not doing more daring things in public places on campus while I was at OC.

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