day 49. well, i got in a minor wreck today, so that wasn’t good. but everything else was.

You know, I really had today pegged as being a fantastic day. I slept in a little bit – now, sleeping in for me is, like, 9:00, it’s weird – and then I got up to do some things before I went to work. It was a beautiful day outside. Really nice. I really enjoyed it, while it lasted.

And then I thought I’d run to Target and check out their selection of rainboots, since I had a little time to kill before work and, well, I don’t have any rainboots. I pulled through two spots, put my car in park, and momentarily thought the world was ending as the most horrifying scraping sound came from the front right side of my car. The van next to me had pulled out without looking to see that I had pulled through, and drug a big ol’ scrape along the side of my car, denting it in a little bit, too.

I know, right?

I just…I can’t even think about it. I mean, I got it all taken care of with insurance and everything, but seriously? This is my second time in six months to be in a minor accident that was absolutely no fault of mine.

Obviously I’m still a little worked up over it, but it’ll be fine. I’m sure. Cross your fingers for me, just in case.

The rest of my day was pretty good, too. A little slow, and I was still a little flustered all day, but otherwise good. At least I had my favorite salad to comfort me at lunch.

This is the new Thai Chopped Chicken Salad. You guys, it’s as good as they say it is. It is so delicious.

I’ve been slowly counting down my 30 pieces of clothing, trying to figure out what to put in…and today, with my work bonus, I found the perfect last piece. I’m going to wear it tomorrow, so you’re just going to have to be surprised. I want tomorrow to be my first official remix day. I plan on it being above 55 outside for the next 30 days, so…well, let’s just cross our fingers.

I did think I looked pretty cute today, though.

Cardigan: LOFT; Tank: linQ; Skirt: LOFT; Tights: Target; Flats: Target; Purse: Francesca’s

Both that cardigan and skirt are going in my 30. The skirt is super shiny and I’m a little afraid of what its limitations might be, but…whatever. You might see this outfit again. Just fair warning.

Also, sorry I’m holding my purse at such an awkward angle. I was trying to cover up that little pile of things right behind it. Maybe next time I’ll…not do that.

And by the way…those are indeed floor-to-ceiling mirrors facing each other. Those are in my parents’ entryway. One thing I am looking forward to about living here is the many photo ops found all over. You’re going to love it.

Also, I’ve been hearing from a few different people about how they encouraged and pushed themselves this week. I seriously cannot tell you how good that is to hear, and how absolutely encouraging it is, too. On days like today, when I really needed that extra emotional push, it helps to remember that other people are – at least, in my mind – expecting me to push myself and to go the extra mile. And it just makes it that much easier.

PS If you’re into giveaways, you should totally enter this one, thrown by my college friend Kitty. She’s in law school at UNL, and keeps her sanity by crafting – genius, right? Anyway, she’s giving away some fantastic earrings, so you should stop by! And definitely check out her Etsy, too – cute and original stuff, really great prices.


One thought on “day 49. well, i got in a minor wreck today, so that wasn’t good. but everything else was.

  1. I’m so glad your little car-kerfuffle wasn’t too bad. I’ve been in my fair share, but they always shake me up, no matter how serious!

    That salad looks amazing. Let’s go to Panera soon and I will eat that salad.

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