day 48. five confessions.

So this happened today. It looks like summer, doesn’t it? It was so warm outside today that I was able to sit outside and work on my laptop with only a light cardigan on. Amazing, right? One week ago, public schools were closed for snow and we were still trudging through giant snowdrifts. Today, it was 75 outside and I saw people running around in beachwear and flip-flops. By beachwear, I mean strapless dresses, shorts, anything you might find on summer vacation in Florida.

I’m all for being comfortable, but for crying out loud, it’s February 17th! Seriously, what?

Oh well. Nothing could bring me down today. It’s like I’m a different person when it’s sunny outside. It doesn’t even have to be warm (although that helps exponentially) – if it’s sunny, I’m there and I’m happy to be there.

And because I promised, here are five confessions of my life right now:

  1. I love canned spinach. And canned cranberries. Not together, obviously. But I’m kind of a sucker for canned vegetables…and cranberries. Not other fruits. We had some spinach tonight with dinner and, man, I forgot how much I love it.
  2. Sometimes I go on unfriending sprees on Facebook. People I went to high school with but was never actually friends with, people who friended me in college that I don’t really know, people I was actually friends with in high school but haven’t spoken with since – I really don’t think we’re going to talk again, so there’s really no reason for us to stay friends on Facebook.
  3. I love cleaning other people’s things. I hate cleaning my own things. I hate doing laundry. I hate it. But cleaning other people’s things? I can’t get enough of it.
  4. Kate Walsh should win everything ever. Okay, maybe I’m just saying this because I’m watching Private Practice right now. But she really is an incredible actress. Also, she’s beautiful.
  5. Today, I drove home with my windows down having a karaoke party to Party in the USA. So. That happened.