day 47. this one has a ferris bueller gif.

I am exhausted. So there isn’t much of a post tonight. One bit of news, though: My karma for not keeping up with my days is that I was off a day. So, instead of day 46, it’s actually day 47. With a little bit of maths, I probably could have figured that out, but, well, do you know me?

I had a really exciting day today. Not really.

I worked 9:30-6:30, and then I came home, ate dinner, watched Greek and Glee, and then I took a bath and now I’m in bed.

There was one really exciting thing that happened, though.


And I totally bought it with the B&N Groupon from last week. My first time to actually buy a Groupon, and it yielded a PW book. Could it be any better than that? I’ll go ahead and answer for you. No. No, it could not be better than that.

Remind me, I need to go get a bang trim soon, because after watching tonight’s Glee, I’m afraid that I may be developing a Bieber Bang. And I don’t think I want that.

And yes, that’s totally my triptych of senior pics behind me. And yes, the top picture is of me playing the flute. Did you have thoughts on that? Didn’t think so.


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