day 44. v-day, delayed.

You might have noticed I missed my first real holiday post. You know, besides, like, New Year’s. I think those are the only real holidays we’ve had, right? I can’t even remember right now. I’m tired.

It was definitely an interesting Valentine’s Day. It wound up being the first day I haven’t had a “real” valentine…pretty much since ninth grade. And honestly, when I first realized that, I was kind of sad. And then I realized that I’m actually much happier than I have been in years, definitely since I started college, and I would much rather be where I am today than where I’ve been for the past couple of years.

It was definitely a good day, though. I had coffee with a friend in the morning, then I went to work until about 6:30. Thrilling, I know.

One upside of staying with my parents right now is that I’m really becoming a morning person. I know I’ve said this before, but it’s true. I’m going to bed earlier and getting up with everyone else, instead of about half an hour before I have to be anywhere. It’s kind of weird, but I definitely feel like I’m starting to be an adult. I definitely feel more pulled together as a person, for sure.

After work, I had dinner and watched a few episodes of Sex and the City with one of my best friends, Mica. I really should have taken pictures or something. I’ve been really bad about that lately. I’ll try to get better.

I got hooked on SATC the summer I was in NYC, and have subsequently, over the past two years or so, purchased all of the seasons and both movies. And then I got her hooked on it. And some other people, too. It’s just such a quality show. The movies? More like guilty pleasures. But the show is really good.

I just love that girl. I love every minute I get to spend with her.

And the best part? We sit next to each other at graduation in April. That must be the reason I didn’t graduate last semester. God works in mysterious ways, indeed.

We watched the very beginning of the last season, when Carrie is still with Berger, Miranda and Steve are trying to work things out, Charlotte is converting to Judaism for Harry, and Samantha just met Smith Jerrod when he was a waiter at the raw food restaurant. It’s so weird to think about how much has changed, but also, how much change is yet to come.

How much change is yet to come. Every day I reflect on all of the things that are going to happen in the next nine and a half months, and I get excited about it. It’s just going to be great. Different, scary, maybe even a little terrifying, but on top of all of the fears and insecurities and doubts, it’s going to be great.

And because, well, why not – here’s a deleted scene from the Parks and Rec episode about Valentine’s Galentine’s Day from last year.

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