day 42.

I remembered right before I went to bed last night that I had a blog to write. It just slipped my mind all day, and I was lying in bed, going over my day in my head, and I had one of those gasping moments where you realize you’ve forgotten something. In my case, forgetting to blog two more days in a row. This is starting to be a bad habit, and I really need to stop it.

Tonight was my family’s Valentine’s dinner, which also coincided with one of the twice-yearly times I can get my family to get eat sushi with me. It’s not that they don’t like it, because they do, but we just never get out that far. I really wish I would have taken a picture of our tray of sushi, because it was beautiful.

Especially my Spicy Cowboy Roll. There’s really nothing better than a spicy sushi roll that has crab in it.

But, unfortunately, I thought about it after we ate. Maybe next time.

2011 really has been a year of firsts for me. I think this is the first time since I started high school that I haven’t been dating anyone, or at least had someone to do something with. I do have plans for Monday night, but they’re with friends, not with a date. And I think I’m fine with that. I mean, of course I’d like to be going on a date, but since that’s out, there’s really no better second option than what I’m doing.

This is really not a very important post. There isn’t really any new information here. The snow is melting! That’s new. It was below freezing Wed and Thurs of this week, barely-above-freezing on Friday, and about 60 degrees today. I don’t even know what to do with that information. Apparently it’s going to start being 75 degrees outside regularly in about two weeks.

I’m not complaining, of course – summer is by far my favorite season, and the fact that spring is just around the corner means that summer is even closer. I know I’m a little crazy for loving summer as much as I do, given where I live. I know it’s going to be approximately six million degrees outside and I’m not going to want to do anything except lie outside and…that’s about it, actually.

Hold me to it in mid-July when I’m complaining about how hot it is. It’ll happen. Just link me back to this post and show me just how excited I was for summer. Whatever. I’m fine with it (for now).

I really want to start my late 30×30, but now I’m afraid it’s going to get hot outside and I’m going to burn up. I guess that’s the beauty of layering, isn’t it? I’ll make my picks this weekend and try to start next week. I’m living on a limited wardrobe right now, anyway, so I guess you could say I’ve maybe already started.


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