day 36. what are you pensing about?

It’s been an interesting day. I worked most of the day, but when I wasn’t thinking about work, a lot of my thought has been devoted to thinking about how lucky I am. It’s easy, when your life is going well, to think that nothing could go wrong in the world. I even started a draft of this post last night talking about how things are going so well for me that I’m a little afraid for a bit of tragedy.

Sometimes I wonder if God places thoughts in our heads specifically to prepare us for certain situations. Not like an omen or premonition or some kind of pre-knowing, nothing that specific – you’ll just find yourself thinking about something, a situation or feeling, and later that will come to be involved in something that happens. I know how vague I’m being today, and I’m sorry for that.

But do you ever feel like that?

It’s just been one of those days. Keep your fingers crossed and your thoughts positive, if you would. I know it would be appreciated.

It’s also been one of those days where I helped my parents put their new double oven in the wall.


I know, right?

My parents have always been do-it-yourself-ers. If it can be done by hand, they do it, regardless. Painting, recovering furniture, those are small potatoes (but existing potatoes, nonetheless). They bought their current house two years ago and basically have redone it from the floor up.

It’s almost a little bit disgusting how good they are at it. They’re doing it a room at a time, and it’s practically a different house. Their current project is the kitchen, if you couldn’t tell, and they’re almost done. They finally ripped out the horrible old oven that was in there, knocked some wall pieces around, and made space for a double oven. Pretty cool.

Honestly, I’m so grateful for having grown up in a house like this. I feel like I know how to do so many home repairs and other related things, only because I’ve observed and done a little on my own. My dad always taught me to think outside the box, but to think logically – is it better to pay someone to do this, or can I do it myself, save some money, and teach myself something in the process?

I’m not saying I’m the next cast member of Tool Time, but I can sling around some tools and do some stuff myself. I’m pretty handy with a set of instructions, if I do say so.

It’s the Yeah Yeah Yeahs with “Heads Will Roll.” Yeah, I totally jumped on this bandwagon because of Glee. I don’t even care. I like this song. I like this band.


2 thoughts on “day 36. what are you pensing about?

  1. One of the marks of home remodeling maturity is knowing when to NOT do it yourself and call in somebody else. They call them professionals for a reason! And sometimes it’s even littler things like knowing when to NOT turn that screw another quarter turn, or to NOT hit it just one more time with the hammer. But it’s fun doing things yourself and getting the satisfaction, figuring out how things work, what steps need to come first, second, and so on, and learning from mistakes. Good experience sometimes comes from having had a bad experience. So learn from the past and move on. That’s the key!

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