day 35. well.

I don’t have an explanation for why I didn’t blog for the past few days. I don’t. I suppose the best explanation would be that I’ve been bored to death. It’s just been so snowy and life has been so slow and I don’t really have anything with me to do and I don’t want to drive anywhere.

But that’s not what you signed up for, is it? You signed up for a blog a day, and I’m not keeping up my end of the bargain. I’ll really have to work harder at this.

I’ve been at my parents’ house for a few days now, which has been really nice. I was sick for the first few days of it, which was a super bummer, but I slept for most of it, so that was fine. The non-sick days have been incredibly boring, though. I guess I should have been better prepared for that.

My brother and I watched the first Lord of the Rings movie tonight. It was every bit as excellent and beautiful as I remembered, and it really made me miss New Zealand. So much, in fact, that I may or may not have teared up a little bit in the Shire. And if I did, then it was totally worth it. I mean, seriously – how could this not make you emotional?

No? Just me? Well, that’s fine. It is pretty beautiful, though, isn’t it? A good reminder of real natural summer beauty when it’s several feet of snow outside. Not that I don’t love snow…I love looking at it from inside. I just prefer summer.

I’m back to the real world tomorrow, so I’ll have more to share then, I’m sure. And if nothing exciting happens, I’ll make something exciting happen. This has been an exceptionally boring week, and I promise to have no more exceptionally boring weeks. Hopefully, there won’t be more flu viruses in the future, but even if there are, I’ll find something to write about.

PS I dyed my hair back brown. Surprise! It’s kind of a brown-red – a nice mix of what I had and my natural color. Hopefully it’s a good transition back to natural, because I miss that color. I was looking at PacRim pics and I really miss my blonde hair, though. I don’t know. I think my hair needs a little break for a few months, but after that, we’ll see.