day…32? back from the dead, into the snowpocalypse.

I have several announcements today:

  • I am no longer sick.
  • Classes were canceled today.
  • Classes are canceled tomorrow.
  • It is still snowpocalypsing outside.
  • I have virtually no memory of the events of the past few days.

Ben Folds still isn’t rescheduled, but I’m guessing it’ll be either Friday or Saturday, if not early next week. Who knows?

Another weird thing: Now that we’re more than one month into this blog, the days don’t line up with the post count anymore, and it’s weird. Day 32? What? It’s going to be really weird when we get into the triple digits, I think.

Here are a few photos of The Outside, from earlier this afternoon.

I know that for people from or in states that get a lot of snow, this seems like nothing, but for Oklahoma? We’re very unprepared for bad weather. This is enough to shut down schools statewide for two days, so far, and I wouldn’t be surprised if tomorrow’s high of 11 degrees sends us into another day of it.

Anyway. Today’s a great day, if mostly because I’m no longer sick. So. Celebrate!