day 30. ugh.

Since today has been the worst day of 2011 so far, I don’t have anything to share. I’m pretty sure I woke up with the flu or a stomach virus or just something horrible, so I haven’t done anything today except sleep, drink fluids, and eat crackers.

So I’m leaving you with the best part of last night’s SNL, the digital short. It’s a Lonely Island video called “The Creep.” I read the Wikipedia article on them last night, and I’m so glad things worked out for them the way they did, so we can have these fantastic videos.

Anyway, back to bed. Talk to you tomorrow. I hope you had a better day than I did.


One thought on “day 30. ugh.

  1. James and I LOVED this when we were watching last night.

    When the judge is a hottie and you can’t control ya body, do the creep!

    I hope you feel better soon! : ( We’ll have to see what this weather does tomorrow…

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