day 23.

I’m working on back-posts for the past few days. I have a few drafts started but nothing concrete. I know how sad that is. But I’m determined not to give up, and not to spend too much time on this.

Today was the day I started my New York Stuff box. I found a Target giftcard I got for Christmas that I completely forgot about, and I immediately sat down and started thinking about all of the things I could buy. At least one whole season of TV! New dishes! Most of a dremel!

And then my eyes came to rest on my New York sign sitting on top of my dresser, and I realized that a giftcard could buy me a new set of bedding. New dishes. Storage supplies, like shelving or cube storage. Part of a new desk. Part of a new bed.

Anything you can buy at Target, really. And I realized that I really want to save my money. If I just hang on to this card, don’t spend it for the next six to eight months, I could use it to get things I really need.

And instead of carrying it around in my wallet like I do with most of my things, like most people do, I decided to start a box of things like this. That way, they’ll all be there together, waiting for me when it comes time for me to move.

Yeah, yeah, it’s a Francesca’s shoebox. Maybe I’ll upgrade boxes once I get a more concrete idea of what I want to go in it, but right now, this is good enough.

I know that one little giftcard looks kind of sad in there by itself, but I’m going to try to add it to as much as I can. Anything that I get that I think would be useful to save will go in this box.

And that made me really happy today. I’m trying to take steps every day to make my dream a reality, and when I can look at something and call it a tangible step, something I can really see and sink my teeth into, it makes me that much more resolved to get things done.

The one thing that’s really holding me back is not being very good at managing my money. I’m trying to put away money in a savings account, but, somehow, I’m just not very good at keeping it there. Any tips?

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  1. I have this empty golden box that you should use for your NY Stuff box instead. It’s in the little closet by the kitchen table. It’s pretty. You can have it!

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