days 15 and 16. old friends, gold friends.

Guys, I am really, really behind here. How embarrassing is that? I suppose this is my catch-up time, though.

I’m going to read Portia de Rossi’s book, Unbearable Lightness, tomorrow, as well as do some other things on my day off.

I’m really, really tired right now, though, so this is going to be the shortest post you’ve ever seen. If I feel like it, I may revisit it in tomorrow’s post, but right now I just really want to get it out there and posted so I’m not two days behind.


This is me and one of my best childhood friends Lauren at All About Cha on Saturday night. We grew up together in Colorado, and she happened to be in town for a thing at OC for all of the Christian colleges, so she gave me a ring and we went to coffee with my parents after a big concert on campus that night. She and her older sister were like the sisters I never had growing up, and while I don’t get to talk to them as often as I wish I did, it’s always great to see them.

Mostly, Lauren and I did a lot of ridiculous things together while Sarah (a few years older) did her own thing or laughed at us. One of our favorite pastimes was playing in the basements of our parents’ houses. At my parents’ house, they had an old exercise bike (the kind with the fan wheel that whirred while you pedaled?), and when we were probably five years old, we were too small to ride it alone. So we did what anyone would do, obvs: we each stood on a pedal (they were huuuuge and pretty wide, too), and pushed up and down with the handlebars to make it go around. It was kind of like a perpetual tiny rollercoaster of awesomeness.

Sunday night was the Golden Globes! I’ve become quite an awards show fanatic over the past few years, since I’ve gotten way into television and movies.

So, in other news, it was the night that The Social Network won everything, Christian Bale made some really weird faces, and Natalie Portman still has her nerd laugh.

First of all, pit stop for my current film darling crush, Andrew Garfield. Being picked up/tickled by Jesse Eisenberg. All things that I absolutely love. Well, that’s a lie, I hate being tickled. But this is great.

I made it all up. This is an Andrew Garfield appreciation blog. I just love that boy. Now, on to Crazy Bale.

I’m just going to leave that last one here.

And if you didn’t catch that laugh, here it is again. I love this girl to death and I know I have a weird laugh, but man. I think this was the night the world was very surprised.

Of course, I’m just waiting for the Oscar noms on the 25th and the actual Academy Awards on Feb 27th. Duh, it’s already on my calendar.

Goal for this week: Work on not being a mumbler. I’m trying to fix this.


2 thoughts on “days 15 and 16. old friends, gold friends.

  1. 1) Andrew Garfield. Beautiful. Yes. Google “Never Let Me Go” and watch the trailer for it. I wish it was released here and when it’s released on DVD I need to see it ASAP because just the trailer is about enough to bring me to tears.
    2) I was also kinda freaked out by her laugh. You’re not the only one…

    • I may or may not have already watched it. Because I’m good at the Internet like that. AND IT IS SO GOOD. It converted me, for sure. And yes, it will make you cry.

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