day eleven. twelve-one-eleven-eleven.

Today is a day of two important things:

  1. It’s my brother’s twelfth birthday, and he chose to celebrate it with a family dinner at Mazzio’s Pizza, the slightly classier pizza buffet in town (either that or Cici’s). He’s twelve on one-eleven-eleven. So close to all ones…come on, parents, couldn’t you have waited one more year? No? Well, I suppose that’s fine.
  2. My dad texted me a picture of him wearing a tie I bought him in China a few years ago, and labeled it “GPOY.” You know what this means, right? My dad is officially an inductee into The Internets.

Here’s my dad (who apparently is going to be a regular presence here), my brother Davis, and family friend Tony.

Quote of the night: “Don’t take it from that angle, you’re going to make me look like Andre the Giant!” My dad. When really, with Davis in between the two of them, they both look like giants. It’s fine. Love these guys.

My brother’s big present was a ping pong table, so expect me to learn how to play and be able to kick your butts soon. As soon as my hands and eyes get coordinated.

Here’s family friend Robbie (wife of Tony), my mom and me. Why do I look so terrible here? A question for the ages, truly. I’m going to write it off as having been at work for seven and a half hours. Yuck.

I wish I could post the picture he sent me, but he looks like such a goober he would probably tell me to take it down immediately. But know that it’s hilarious and extremely awkward. But I am really proud of him for his use of GPOY.