day ten is for tiny foxes on my shirt.


I can’t seem to get away from wearing red, can I? I really need to stop. Maybe I should just pack it away in my closet until my hair’s less intense. I didn’t think that I wore so much red before I redyed my hair. Maybe I did and I just never noticed because it never clashed so much. Oh, the things you think.

Those are some pretty sweet tights, though, right? I found them on sale at TJ Maxx a month or so ago, and I’ve been too much of a chicken to wear them until today, when all of my black tights had runs in them and I had no other option. I’m fine with it. Pattern on pattern is a little scary to me, and I’m not sure I’ll repeat it, but I didn’t ever feel bad about how I looked today. I’m supposed to be fashion forward for my job, right? I’ll just…go with that.

My nails are a pretty fantastic cognac color right now. They got a little roughed up at work today and chipped some, otherwise I’d take a picture for you.

The really exciting part of today was a double header:

  1. Everyone else had the first day of class today. I didn’t. I only have class on Tuesday/Thursday, which is just the way I like it.
  2. I had dinner with one of my dear friends, Mica.

I haven’t seen Mica in a few weeks – at least not before break, for sure. I don’t even really know how we became friends. She’s an English major with me, and we had classes together, and then one day we were just…really good friends. I don’t even think we had a time when we were just acquaintances. We didn’t really talk, and then we were besties. We’re a lot alike in a lot of ways, and I am so thankful to have her in my life.

We went to my favorite local restaurant of all time, Blue Moon, because if you haven’t had their crab rangoon, you haven’t lived. Or had crab rangoon.

It was really great to catch up with her and just talk about life and boys and crazy things and how much older we feel this year.

And now, because I’m in a Chinese food coma, I’m going to put on sweatpants and watch Runaway Bride and go to bed early before my first day of class tomorrow. Hooray for being old and boring? It’s fine, it’s fine.

Top: Francesca’s Collections
Dress: BBDakota
Tights: Betsey Johnson
Shoes: Target
Belt: Gap


4 thoughts on “day ten is for tiny foxes on my shirt.

  1. Are those really little foxes on your shirt? How cute.

    I’ve decided that if I have babies, I will only dress them in outfits with cute animals on them.

    Chinese food, your friend Mica, Runaway Bride, no school…sounds like a greta day!

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