day eight was great. day eight was great.

You’re going to get tired of my rhyming really quickly, aren’t you? Probably. Oh well. I still like it, and it’s easy when we’re still in the single digits. When we get to day three-hundred-and-forty-eight, I probably won’t feel like rhyming. Or maybe I will, who knows? Day 348. That’s in December. Isn’t that crazy?

So here we are, post number two for today. My great moment of today actually happened this morning: I had a long talk with my dad over coffee. We went to the same coffee place my mom and I went to the other day, All About Cha in Edmond. Neither of them had ever been before – isn’t that crazy?

I got a caramel macchiato and he got…I think he got a green latte. I’m not really sure. I don’t think he realized how big the passion size was going to be, though.

And this is my dad. Isn’t he the best? I wish I could say I inherited my eyesight from him, but no, I gained my very terrible, can’t-see-anything-literally-anything-without-lenses-of-some-sort vision from both of my parents.

And look, it’s me! This is the houndstooth dress I bought at work yesterday – isn’t it cute? I stuck that red belt with it. It clashes kind of with my hair, but…it isn’t too bad, is it? It’s a lot of red. Eh.

So this is what my great moment was today. We just had coffee before I had to go to work and he had to go do some work at home before ICEPOCALYPSE 2011 arrives on Monday, but we had a really good time. It was really good to just talk and look forward to this semester and figure everything out.

One thought on “day eight was great. day eight was great.

  1. 1) Yes, it does clash a bit with your hair, but you still look fabulous. I love the dress. I’ll borrow it when I get skinny.

    2) Your dad rocks.

    3) I’ve never been to All About Cha. I felt that it was too trendy for me to go to…I’ll try it out once all the hype has settled.

    4) I’m now CRAVING a cappuccino. Maybe we should go to All About Cha after all cha.

    5) I am PRAYING for ICEPOCALYPSE 2011, because that would put off me starting my 2nd semester. Plus, I don’t know where my classrooms are yet and I’m just generally in a bad mood about the whole thing.

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