day four: hey, big haircut.

I got a haircut today. I also refused to put away my laundry again. No, that’s not entirely true. I’m working on it right now. I just stopped to take a blogging break.

Anyway, back to the haircut. I’m really, really bad about neglecting my hair. When it was shorter, it wasn’t as big of a deal. But now I’m trying to be an adult and get real haircuts and take care of my long hair and look good every day. Something like that. That sounds really ambitious when I type it all out.

But, like I said, I haven’t been very good at having good hair. I don’t get it cut nearly as often as I should, and I just find ways to hide how gross it gets in braids, updos, lots of things that are actually cute, but my hair isn’t healthy.

So today I went and got a haircut. A real, adult, big-girl haircut. At a real salon. I’ve been going to the Duncan Bros school in Edmond for a few years, and it’s been fantastic. I’ve loved every single cut I’ve had from there, and it’s super cheap, but I think the same person has cut my hair…twice? Maybe?

Today I went to the actual Duncan Bros Salon in Edmond (big jump, I know) – I called and made an appointment and went to the real salon where they aren’t all nervous and hovering because the instructors are wandering around checking their cuts. I went to a friend of a friend who works there, and although I’d never met her before, I really liked her.

I know I look weird in this picture. I know. I can’t find my phone right now or I’d take a non-Photo Booth pic. Whatever. Also, check out my unmade bed in the corner – really cute, I know. Mostly this picture is for showing you how long my hair is and that I still have bangs. I have some long layers, but, you know, they’re not super noticeable in pictures because my hair is so dark. Excuses, excuses, whatever. I’ll have much better and more vibrant pictures once my hair is dyed.

I have this thing about haircuts. I get a haircut when I’m making a change in my life. If I don’t need a cut, then I do something else to it, like color or bangs or a new ‘do. A lot of these changes come after a big letdown, when I need a visual revitalization in my life. I really like having something tangible to show that I’m making a change in my life, to remind myself every time I look in the mirror that I’m making a change in my life.

I didn’t get too much of a change in cut – not really much of a change at all, actually – but I’m going to Sally Beauty Supply tomorrow to get some more dye and redo my hair with the red I tried a few months ago. Today, the cut, tomorrow, the dye. I’m really looking forward to it. I love dyeing my hair, and I really love being a redhead.

If you’re in OKC and need a haircut, I’d definitely recommend it. The girl who cut my hair was Kati Monier, if you’re interested. She was really nice and really great! I’ll definitely be going back.

And by the way, I watched the new season premier of Greek today, and it was excellent. Haters, hate. If you like being happy, you will like that show. This is the last season, anyway, so hate away. You can tell they’re all in it to win it, too, which I love.


2 thoughts on “day four: hey, big haircut.

  1. It looks so good! Are you doing the same red from before?

    Also, I like the idea of “visual revitalizations”.

    • Thank you! Yes, I’m doing the same red – I’m hoping it’ll be a little more intense this time, now that I know what to expect.

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