day 3: the return of television

Okay, so, I promise not everything that makes me happy is something I can watch. Or maybe it is, since that’s all I’ve seemed to post about lately. I have some fun things planned for the next few days that actually require me to go out into the world, though, so that’s going to be good.

Tonight was the first night of television coming back after the hiatus, which is pretty exciting for me. I watched Castle, my favorite “new” show (it’s been on air for a while but I just started watching it this year), and I have to catch up with Pretty Little Liars and Greek sometime later this week (I have a few days off, so I’m not worried, if that’s even the right word).

Television has been something I’ve really gotten into in college. I’m not really sure why – my freshman year I got really into Grey’s Anatomy and Lost, both of which I still watch like nobody’s business. Well, I mean, Lost is over now, but I just don’t really like to acknowledge that fact. I think it has something to do with learning about character development, good writing, what’s interesting, that kind of thing. Since I’ve gotten a lot more into writing in college, too, I think that makes sense.

The next two weeks are going to be an exciting time – all of my favorite shows are going to be bringing their A-games with the return from hiatus.

I do watch a lot of television, but here’s the situation: it’s not as much of a commitment as it could be, simply because I rarely watch shows when they actually air. And when I do watch them on Hulu or another site, I’m usually doing something else, like cleaning, doing busy work homework, or something like that. So while I do watch a lot of shows, it’s not like I block out an obscene number of hours from each evening to do so.

But make no mistake – I have an excellent memory for detail, especially for shows. I may not remember everything, but I can tell exactly what happened to who and when it happened and what the ramifications were for everyone involved. If it’s unimportant, I will know it. I was watching some back episodes of Lost with some people a few weeks ago, and they were like, “Girl, why do you know everything about this episode from one of the early seasons?” I don’t even know how I knew everything that I did – character names, random plot information, even the episode title. Episode title! Who knows those?!

Oh well. I think it also makes a difference that while I do watch a lot of shows, a lot of my friends watch the same shows, and then we can discuss them later. Which we often do, in detail. So watching television is a lot more social for me than I think a lot of people assume.

I just wrote a really long blog about television. So. Sorry if that’s not something you’re interested in, but today, watching Castle made me really, really happy. Cop shows are apparently my thing this year – I’ve never really watched them, but now I’m really into cop/crime shows. I’m fine with it. It’s good for working on plot twists and making sure things are actually somewhat believable. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

I need to go. Over there.

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